Laurel at 150 is Here!

If you’ve been following us on Facebook, you know by now that our new book, Laurel at 150: Celebrate Our History, Anticipate Our Future has been printed and we finally have the full inventory in hand. Kevin and Rich have been hard at work over the past few weeks, packaging and mailing (and often delivering in person) books to all of the early Kickstarter project backers and website pre-orders.

Social distancing, aided by vintage Laurel advertising yardsticks!

We’re finally caught up with our mailings, so anyone who’s placed an order recently should be receiving their copies very soon. We greatly appreciate the patience of everyone who’s ordered the book—even before the pandemic, it’s no easy task for two guys (who both have day jobs) to handle the logistics of shipping several hundred books, but we’ve managed to get it done!

Like many of you, we were looking forward to a number of opportunities to sell the books in person this year, including at the Main Street Festival. But the COVID-19 shutdown—a significant historical moment in its own right— brought the City of Laurel’s 150th Anniversary events to an end before they really even had a chance to begin. We’re grateful and proud to have completed this important book in time to share with those of you who also wanted something tangible and lasting to mark this 150th anniversary of our home town.

We’re hopeful that many of the City’s cancelled events will merely be postponed until it’s deemed once again safe to hold them. But until then, we’ll continue to take orders for the book online at and mail them out as quickly as possible.

Click to order your copy of Laurel at 150 now.
Books are $40 each, and shipping is free.