An Informal Evening with the Mayors of Laurel!



Just recently, we were at the Tastee Diner—meeting up with some longtime locals to chat about Laurel in the 1970s. At some point, the talk turned to “Who would be the most interesting people to sit down with and reminisce about local history?” Next came the idea, “Imagine if all the living former mayors got together…”

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve managed to do just that. And next Saturday, December 12th, you’re invited to sit in and be the proverbial fly on the wall as former mayors Robert DiPietro (1978-86), Dani Duniho (1986-90), Joseph R. Robison (1990-94), and Michael R. Leszcz (2001-02) will be joined by current Mayor Craig Moe (2002-present) for an informal trip down memory lane.

Mrs. Duniho, who now lives in Tuscon, Arizona, will be participating via Skype or speakerphone if at all possible.

This may very well be the first event of its kind in Laurel, and we’re looking forward to filming it for posterity. A transcript will also appear in one of Kevin’s future “History Matters” columns in the Laurel Leader.

This won’t be a City Council meeting, to be sure. We hope to give the mayors a relaxing forum for a change—a fun setting where we won’t talk business as usual, but touch on some of the issues that many residents have probably always wondered about. Things like, “What was the most outrageous favor someone approached you with?” It’s a shame that the late Frank P. Casula can’t be there with us to discuss that topic—Pete has one of his “If I may be of any assistance…” business cards in his collection!


Mr. Casula passed away during his second term as Mayor in 2001, which led to Mike Leszcz becoming the first person to hold the office after the death of a sitting mayor.

Likewise, Mrs. Duniho has a first in Laurel’s history—she was the first (and only) female mayor.

There are countless memories among this legendary group, and we plan on just letting them talk and see where the conversation goes! We hope you’ll join us!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Laurel Police Department Partnership Activity Hall
811 Fifth Street

This is a free event.

Pete will also have an assortment of his vintage Laurel political memorabilia displayed for show and tell before and after the event.

Mark your calendars and join us! If you’re planning on doing the Laurel Historical Society’s annual Holiday House Tour earlier that afternoon, this will be the perfect followup!